Instructional Video

Note for: 9-10 Desember 2016

New experience…

These  two days (9 s.d 10 Desember 2016) were my special days since I’ve become a student in Magister Program of Educational Technology – Yogyakarta State University. I’m practicing of what called “improving performance through facilitating better learning”.

Means, for these two days… two of my lecturers asked me to joined their projects of making some instructional video. Those make me thrully feel wonderful perspective of one new way for helping people through educational technologies.

In one of the projects, I and my friend Keith from Manado have been tasked to make an instructional movie scripts about Problem Based Learning Model and its application in classroom. It is something new that I’ve never done before. And I’m very thankful to Mr. Sunaryo and Mrs. Christine who have given my the opportunity to have this new experience. 

Not only arranging the script, but we were also acting. Me as a teacher and Keith as a presenter. In my role as a teacher, I acted with some 5th semester of graduate students who were pretending to be vocational highschool students studying multimedia subject of 2D Animation. What a fun!! And they’re all very welcoming to our idea and could be good cooperated with us. There were also some guys from the production house who provided the tools. They were also very cool too. ^_^

Yet, there still a task to be a presenter and also writing some inserting scripts for the narator or presenter for next video. By doing these tasks, I just realize that I need to enhance my skill in writing and need to improve my visual communication design skill, because, comparing my lecturer’s script, I know that experience will take us to better quality of work.

So, I will do my best for the next projects. Pray me for success….


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